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Missouri Section Emergency Coordinator

Missouri Amateur Radio Parity Act (MARPA)

By now you should have heard from the ARRL that the Amateur Radio Parity Act, the Federal version, did not get through the US Senate but was tabled as a result of one Senator, Bill Nelson (Democrat), of Florida.  This was the same Bill (HR-1301) that had received unanimous voice vote and passed without objection …

Mass Care Exercise – August 24, 2016

John Howard, K0VET has submitted an After Action Report on the MESN participation in the Mass Care Exercise held on August 24, 2016. Click on this link to view the report – MASS CARE EXERCISE AFTER ACTION RPT AUG 24 2016

Joplin Tornado Report and Presentation

For those that missed Cecil Higgins presentation on the Joplin Tornado ARES® Communications Response at the Midwest Convention in Lebanon Missouri earlier this month, Cecil has provided the presentation and after action report for review here on the website. It is a great report on the communications support provided in Joplin after the disastrous tornado …