SEMA Radio Contact and Resource Form Page

Information on contacting SEMA via various amateur radio modes.

SEMA Radio Room Contact Information_2021

SEMA Request Form for Use with fldigi & flmsg. PowerPoint file below describes use of the form. It is available as a PowerPoint or Adobe PDF document.

SEMA Resource Request Form v1.1.0 11-29-15 (PowerPoint File)

SEMA Resource Request Form v1.1.0 11-29-15 (PDF File)

guide-to-inputting-data-rreqv1-1-0 (10-14-16 PDF FIle)

Resource Request forms for use in flmsg and fldigi. Use only RReqv1.1.0 form.

rreqv1-1-0-form (10-14-16)