Missouri Section 2020 Digital Data Communications Committee Formed

I have had a number of requests to update the 2004 Digital data addendum to the Statewide Emergency Operations Plan for ARES as it is very outdated. Many new modes and capabilities have been created in the last 15 years. In order to facilitate this process, I put out a request for volunteers from around the Missouri Section to participate on a committee to update the plan.

The following are the guidelines established for the committee to consider as they revise the digital communications plan:

Guidelines for Updating the 2004 Digital Emergency Operations Plan

  1. Create a toolbox of digital data modes for amateur radio communications.
    1. No one mode is applicable to the entire state due to propagation & terrain differences.
    1. Define the recommended digital modes and the standard for using the mode. (i.e. speed, format, frequencies, etc.)
  2. Use lower cost modes, not everyone can afford a Pactor modem.
  3. Provide for some modes of communication that doesn’t depend on the internet.
  4. Include both VHF/UHF (Local) and HF (Long Distance) communications modes.
  5. Consider the need (ease) for portability/field operations.
  6. Recommend standard available hardware for digital use.
  7. Create a final plan document for publishing on the ARES-MO website.

If the ARES general membership has any comments or ideas for the committee to consider, contact one of the members listed in your district via email.

The committee has selected J.D. Simmons, WA0BER as chairman and Bill McFarland, N0AXZ as scribe for the committee.

The Digital Data Communications Committee members are:

Committee Members                              Email          

Jeff Libby, KA0OTL – District A                KA0OTL@yahoo.com

Don Vary, KD0HHN – District B             kd0hhn@hotmail.com        

Steve Wooten, KC0QMU – District C    kc0qmu@gmail.com            

Steve Cave, W4MWX – District C          scave@cavesafe.com          


Tom Simmons, N0CSA – District D       n0csatom@gmail.com        

Larry Ford, N0RIC – District E                 fccidn0ric@gmail.com         

J.D. Simmons, WA0BER – District F      teg685@hotmail.com                          

Bill McFarland, N0AXZ – District F        billmcfarland10@gmail.com             

Mike Thayer, KM0S – District F             Mike.Thayer.KM0S@gmail.com     

Mike Council, WU0G – District H          mcouncil@ghsat.net           


Jeff Young, KB3HF – SEC                          kb3hf@charter.net              

Cecil Higgins, AC0HA – SM                      higgins.cecil@gmail.com 

Thanks to these volunteers for serving on this committee.


Jeff Young, KB3HF

Missouri SEC