Missouri Section ARES May Activity Report

Skywarn® operations continue to have a lot of activity during the month of May as the severe weather continues to hit the Section. This month had 601 hours of spotting activity. Hopefully, as summer approaches, the weather will calm down and we can just have a hot summer. Speaking of which, don’t forget to stay hydrated in the hot weather. The forecast for the next two weeks in eastern Missouri is very hot weather, which means Field Day is going to be hot. Be careful in the sun and drink lots of fluids before and during Field Day. I wish each of the groups across the Section, a great and safe Field Day.

District News and Comments

District A: Richard Fretwell, W0KRF, DEC

BC ARES Members participated in the following nets: MTN, MESN, ARES, Region A Healthcare, and various club nets

Teams were assigned to breakout Deployment Kits. Separate portable stations were setup in the parking lot of the facility to simulate operations and test the equipment in the kits. A debrief after the operation indicated the members worked well together to assure the kits were ready for deployment.

May 6/7 Tornado – Northeastern Platte Co. Platte Co. to Clay County Line An embedded circulation within a line of thunderstorms resulted in a narrow EF-0 tornado that began north of Ferrelview, MO and traveled through northeastern Platte county toward the Clay County Line.

KansasCityMetro-Squall-Line – Shortly after 10 PM CDT, Sunday, May 19, 2024, a severe squall line, with a history of producing damaging wind gusts, began to move into the western side of the Kansas City Metro. As this line advanced and lifted east-northeast across Johnson County Kansas and into Leavenworth, Platte, Jackson, and Clay counties, several embedded circulations developed.

May 25 around 23:00 CDT another weather event crossed the KC Metro. Evergy Outage reports indicated 1583 outages with 133,408 customers affected at the height of the storm.

Conducted 4 Storm Spotter nets.

The following is the reported ARES volunteer functions and hours for the month of May:


Jeff KB3HF

Missouri SEC