Missouri Section January 2023 Activity Report

It’s a new year. Punxsutawney Phil says 6 more weeks of winter but I am hoping he is wrong. There are a lot of operating opportunities coming up this year. Field Day and SET are in the near future and now is the time to start planning those activities. Volunteers on the Air is a new ARRL operating opportunity to work as many of the ARRL Field Appointees, ARRL Officers and Division Directors as you can. Each position is worth so many points. Check the VOTA website at ARRL. Consider entering some of the various contests during the year. They help refine your operating skills for Emcomm and are fun to see how you score with a lot of another amateur operators.

I am asking all of our ECs throughout the section to report every month. Even if you just report your number of members it’s fine. We need to know if you area functioning ARES group. Reporting is not much of a chore and your DEC will advise you how they want your report. Many DECs are now using Jotform as an easy way for your to report. Just open the link you are sent and fill out the form. Takes 5 minutes of your time. If your DEC prefers another reporting method, that’s fine also. Just please report every month.

District News & Comments

District A: Richard Fretwell, W0KRF, DEC

  • Benton Co. – BC ARES Members participated in the following nets: MTN, MESN, ARES, Region A Healthcare, and various club nets. KR1STL ran the Region A Healthcare Net in December with KE0AVT as back up operator. There were 22 check ins with 9 being from Healthcare facilities. Benton County ARES was requested to assist another station in an attempt to locate, via DF, a transmitter that has been interfering with another net. KD0WXT and KE0LMZ assisted in the attempt to locate.
  • Cass Co. – Training on FEMA courses continues. Planned a face to face each month, next will be February 11th. Met with Cass County EM committee. Acquired 2M digital FLDIGI capability for members and tested simplex. Continuing ARES nets on SSARC repeater. Possible AFMARS COMEX interaction with amateur committee in the planning for February
  • Clay/Platte –
    NL ARES January 2023 meeting —
    Programming > Hand Held radios for area Repeater and Simplex operation for upcoming ARES activities Acronym’s > Steve, KD0FUE Presented insight into the numerous acronym’s that are in use by FEMA, SEMA, and served agencies that ARES will interact with during a Deployment activity. NL ARES Digital Training Net – Sunday 8:00 PM CST 147.330 (151.4)
    FLdigi “MACRO” resources along with “File Manipulation” exercises were highlights of training in January. K0KEX Rick Netmgr. additional info: k0kex628@gmail.com
  • JANUARY 2023 “MODES” “Missouri Digital Emergency Service”
    MODES 3.598 MHz Thursday 10:00 am CST. SEVEN sessions QNI 114 QTC 11 45 hours. Additional testing on 7.099 Mhz during January during Daylight hours provided communications info for future net operations for Primary/Secondary frequencies. ZOOM Mtg concurrently for Technical Discussion. NCS utilizes FSQcall triggers to expedite responses from participating stations. Additional “MODES” info at https://modes.groups.io/g/main/topics. FLdigi-FSQ or FSQcall for net interaction. New members are welcome. KA0OTL Jeff, Net mgr.
  • MODTN “Missouri HF Digital Training Net” 3598 Khz USB MFSK32 – 700 Hz
    The initial net was held on Sunday November 27, 2022 following the MESN voice net Sunday @ 2:00 PM. As the net developed those interested in communications using the various digital modes in the NBEMS suite, FLdigi, FLmsg, & FLamp attended the training. NCS> Neil W0NRP hosts the operation. A ZOOM meeting operates in conjunction with the net to provide a resource for operators to discuss issues during the net. Net operation is in conjunction with the MODES operation. Additional details made be reviewed at: https://modes.groups.io/g/main W0NRP Neil, Net Mgr.
  • JACKSON Co. – Quarterly In-Person meeting was held. Training on ICS forms presented. Discussion of future exercises and the SET.

District C: Bill Grimsbo, N0PNP, DEC

  • St. Charles Co. – St. Charles County ARES held the Winter Traveler’s Net for the Winter Storm Warning in January for St. Charles Co.

District D: John Wall, K0EAV, DEC

  • DEC – Discussed ARES with Lawrence County EC and W0OAR vice president. Met with Barton County EC at winter field day to discuss multi ARES group activities. Next week will meet with Table Rock Lake ARC to discuss ARES
  • Barry Co. – Met with DEC to discuss ARES recruitment planning.
  • Greene Co. – DEC still working on roll call updates about 70 completed.
  • Jasper Co. – Held AUXCOM and Weather training during the month of January. Provided security for Joplin Hamfest, supported communications for the Ozark Trail Bike ride. Every month with a 5th Monday, the net is simplex on 146.400.

District F: J.D. Simmons, WA0BER, DEC

  • Boone Co. – Participated in Winter Field Day exercises.
  • Callaway Co. – Participated in Winter Field Day exercises.

District G: Harold Hoffman, KA0SAB, DEC

  • Oregon Co. – Working on recruitment plan.

District H:

  • Grundy Co. – Grundy County participated in Winter Field Day.

The following is the number of activities and hour donated by the Missouri Section members:

Thanks and 73,

Jeff KB3HF