Missouri Section June 2021 Activity Report

Field Day 2021 has now gone and from the activity on the bands, it seems like it was a busy time for a lot of groups. Our ARES group in St. Charles County participated as a distributed group. I hope everyone had as good of a time on the air as I did. FT8 and FT4 was very busy segments.

So far, we have had a mild severe weather season so far. This is good for everyone but don’t let your guard down just yet. With the changing weather here in Missouri, you never know when the severe storms will pop up. Skywarn continues to be a major portion of the activity in the Missouri Section.

I know that it’s a few months away but now is the time to begin planning for your 2021 Simulated Emergency Test (SET). Well planned exercises take time to do them correctly. Boone County ARES had their 2020 SET report published in the July QST on page 63. Take time to read the report.

District News from the Section DECs:

District A: Richard Fretwell, W0KRF DEC

Benton Co. – BC ARES Members participated in the following nets: MTN, MESN, ARES, Region A Healthcare, and various club nets. KE0AVT ran the Region A Healthcare Net in June. There were 21 checkins, with 12 being from Healthcare Facilities. Five members of the Benton County ARES were onsite to provide radio communications for Jubliee Days, KE0LMY, KE0LMZ, KE0YGT, KD0WXT and KF6DRH. The work on the Benton County MCOM trailer is continuing.

Clay/Platte Co. – JUNE 11, The KC Metro was dealing with heat near 100 degrees with a cold front bearing down from the North west. NLARES operators had been tracking thru the afternoon hours. At 13:40 CDT the NLARES opened a Weather Net Reports of damaging winds, power outages across the northland communities of Kearney, Excelsior Springs and Liberty, Mo. Winds to 80 mph were reported and confirmed via NWS-Chat. Around 16:00 CDT the storm had moved farther east. Stations in the affected areas began reporting power restoration as clean-up operations began. Sixteen stations participated in the event. Closed 18:40 CDT. Net Control Manager log https://net-control.us/#4075 for complete details.

NLARES Monthly meeting Fire Station #2 Smithville, Mo June 25. Twenty-Two members in attendance. Regular business conducted followed by a program presented by Platte County Sheriff Dep. Mike O’Neal. Working with the Platte and Clay County Emergency Management. An outline of what to anticipate as an Incident is developing. As each function was outlined the audience interacted with actions to be taken as well as questions to clarify details. Dep. Mike O’Neal KC0YSO. This meeting, The first open meeting since March of 2020 when the pandemic occurred.

JUNE 2021 MODES Missouri Digital Emergency Service. MODES 3.985 MHz Thursday 10:00 am CST. FOUR sessions QNI 65 QTC 10 25 hours. ZOOM Mtg for Technical Disscusion. NCS utilized FSQcall trigger “#; / ;@”; to expidite responses from participating stations. Additional MODES info at https://modes.groups.io/g/main/topics FLdigi-FSQ or FSQcall for net interaction. New members are welcome. NCS KA0OTL Jeff, Net mgr.

District F: J.D.. Simmons, WA0BER DEC

Boone Co. – Boone County 2020 SET article in July issue of QST, page 63.

The follow report is the activity reported for the month of June 2021:


Jeff KB3HF

Missouri Section EC