Missouri Section April 2021 Activity Report

As restrictions start to relax from the pandemic, I hope everyone can begin to meet in person again and get things more back to normal. Our St .Charles Co. ARES group is holding our first face to face meeting this month. It will be great to see people in person instead of in the Zoom frames on a computer.

Activity reporting has become lax for a number of months now and I am asking that all ECs submit a report even if you did not have any activity for the month. It allows us to at least keep track of the number of ARES members registered in each County. Don’t forget nets on the air and Zoom meetings count for activity time and should be reported. Reporting is one of the expectations of ECs that are in this appointed position. Please start to submit regular reports when your DEC requests them. Thanks.

District Comments:

District A: Richard Fretwell, K0RTF DEC

Benton Co. –

BC ARES Members participated in the following nets: MTN, MESN, ARES, Region A Healthcare, and various club nets. KE0LMZ ran the Region A Healthcare Net on the 21st. There were 21 check-ins, with 7 being from healthcare facilities. Four members of the Benton County ARES were onsite to provide radio communications for the Devon’s Beak 5k Run, KE0LMZ, KF6DRH, KE0YGT, and KE0LMY on April 24th.

Clay/Platte Co. –

APRIL 2021 “MODES” “Missouri Digital Emergency Service”. MODES 3.985 MHz Thursday 10:00 am CST. FIVE sessions QNI 77 QTC 8 42 hours. ZOOM Mtg for Technical Disscusion.NCS utilized FSQcall trigger “#” / “@” to expidite responses from participating stations. Additional “MODES” info at https://modes.groups.io/g/main/topics FLdigi-FSQ or FSQcall for net interaction. New members are welcome. NCS KA0OTL Jeff, Net mgr.

NLARES Shelter-In-Place exercise April 17, 2021

Module 1: Volunteer Call Out Text-Caster Alerts to All stations
Module 2: Voice Repeater Operations 146.790 (107.2)NCS > 19 stations active Providing support to NCS Covid 19 Queries.
Module 3: Voice Simplex Operations 146.570 Simplex NCS > Simplex op Fire Station #2 Enhanced Coverage VHF Tower antenna 19 stations active Confirming Household support needs.
Module 4: Simplex Operations 145.760 NBEMS FLdigi-FSQ / FSQcall NCS > Utilized features within the FSQ mode to Query stations, Send Alerts, and relay information to outlying stations. 17 stations active Confirming “How many days can your household function, before they will need supplies delivered or will need to leave” All Exercise Modules were followed with a “Hot Wash”. During the monthly NLARES, Dennis Carpenter KA0SXY conducted an “AAR” discussion to complete the SIP exercise. The completed exercise document was forwarded to Platte & Clay County Sheriff Depts. for accreditation.

Jackson Co. –

The Metropolitan Emergency Communication Committee began the SET planning for the 9 county metro area.

Pettis Co. –

EMA Meeting – 3 Hrs. EMA Siren Test – 2 Hrs. MESN NET – 2 Hrs. SPARK-ARES NET – 8 HRS. Winlink Training – 4 HRS.

No Other Districts had news this month.

The following are the reported activity hours donated by the Missouri Section ARES members:

Thanks for all of the support of the Missouri Section ARES.

Jeff Young, KB3HF

Missouri Section EC