Missouri Section August 2020 Activity Report

As I write this update, October is approaching. October is the official month for conducting your Simulated Emergency Test (SET). SET is designed to exercise your communications skills under various scenarios as designed by your exercise team.

Here in St. Charles Co., our group is doing a shelter deployment exercise. The catch is that the “shelter” is your home garage, driveway, backyard or car. We will be operating simplex with whatever equipment you might have to use in a real deployment. The goals of the exercise are: 1. Dust off your Go Kit, 2. Operate simplex away from your base station, and 3. Practice sending and receiving traffic in a directed simplex net.

I hope your group is working on a SET exercise. It is a great opportunity to hone your skills. Don’t forget to file a SET report with Newington. Forms are available online.

District Comments:

District A: Mike Bellinger, K0UAA DEC

Benton Co. – BC ARES Members participated in the following nets: MTN, ARES, Region A Healthcare, and various club nets.
KE0LMZ ran the Region A Healthcare Net on the 19th. There were 29 check-ins, with 14 of those coming from healthcare facilities in Region A. Members of the BC ARES installed a radio in Cole Camp, Missouri on August 1st. Members went back to do the final touch-ups in Cole Camp on August 3rd. During the August 8th meeting, a new AEC and PIO, Renee KE0LMZ was welcomed. Other topics discussed were net controllers and locations for the month’s nets, planning the Simulated Emergency Test (SET), and updates on the Em Comm trailer. Members of the BC ARES have started planning the SET for their county, to include participation from the EMA and CERT, along with visitors from other groups. Throughout the month, members of the BC ARES have done their part to get accurate weather alerts out to their followers.

Northland (Clay and Platte) – The weekly ARES voice nets have new operators attending to learn about Northland ARES activities and net operation. Tuesday 7:00 PM 146.790 (107.2). The August meeting was held on ZOOM. The program covered The ARRL Radiogram. Dennis KA0SKY hosted the presentation that was informative and gave operators an opportunity to Interact during the training. The weekly ARES Digital Training net is currently reviewing the use of the ARRL Radiogram on Sunday 8:00 PM 147.330 (151.4)

AUGUST 2020 “MODES” – MODES 3.985 MHz Thursday 10:00 am CDT. FOUR sessions QNI 54 QTC 4 25 hours. Net ops include a SEMA supported conference number (573) 693-7466 Access #2663 members share current Sit Rep’s with the net participants. Net requirements, FLdigi-FSQ for net interaction. New members are welcome. NCS KA0OTL Jeff, Net mgr.

District E: Larry Ford N0RIC DEC

District E ARES QNI 38 QTC 3. Bootheel ARC QNI 52 QTC 1.

Reported Activities:

The following are the activity hours reported for the month of August in the Missouri Section:

Stay safe in the coming months and hopefully your group has a successful SET.


Jeff KB3HF

Missouri SEC