Missouri Section July 2020 Activity Report

Covid-19 continues to impact our section as activities have been reduced due to the many cancellations that are occurring for public safety. Masks are now common place in most stores and restaurants. Consider holding your meetings virtually. Zoom has been working well for our group here is St. Charles County. Remember that nets and other radio functions can be counted as ARES training time. Sure would like to go to a real hamfest.

District Notes:

District A: Mike Bellinger K0UAA DEC

Benton Co. – BC ARES Members participated in the following nets: MTN, ARES, Region A Healthcare, and various club nets. KE0LMZ ran the Region A Healthcare Net on the 15th. There were 19 check-ins, with 7 of those coming from healthcare facilities in Region A. Work on the Benton County Em Comm trailer was done all throughout July. Also, members of the Benton County ARES shared information on the severe weather in the area across the group’s Facebook page assisting our partners in Camden County to prepare for an onslaught of severe storms which included flash flooding. The Benton County ARES held its meeting on July 11, where members discussed how ARRL Field Day went, how the Em Comm trailer progress was coming along, upcoming training, and exercises.

Jackson Co. – The EC attended 3 online meetings representing ARES. Jim Bair, N0AJI had to give up as net manager for the digital training net due to changes in health. He began the net in 2011 and managed it up until he resigned. The net continues however under the management of Neil Preston, W0NRP. The net now begins a half hour earlier than before, at 2000 hours and is intended to run about an hour now. The net will meet on the 146.970 MHz repeater each Wednesday.

Johnson Co. – Members worked on installing 30 foot of tower onto base and antennas mounted for 2nd tower at the Johnson County Emergency Management office. Members participated in the 13 colonies special event station as well as assisting with the Warrensburg Hamfest.

Northland (Clay &Platte Cos.) – July was a busy month. The ARES meeting was held on ZOOM. Dennis Carpenter, KA0SXY conducted a discussion on simplex operation. Twenty members exchanged thoughts from past operations along with ideas for station improvement to support such operation. A better understanding of voice operations along with simplex digital operation using FL Digi-FSQ mode was gained. The ARES Clay County EOC has a VHF station available for testing on 145.760 MHz, W0KCN/15. The Kansas City Mo EOC FSQ station W0OEM is also available for simplex relay operations.

JULY 29 Smithville Tornado
Around 13:30 CDT the afternoon calm was broken by a “TORNADO” warning alert on a cell phone App. along with several telephone calls of visual sightings of a wall cloud that had defined shape and rotation. KA0OTL advised members that a WX net was open on the Northland ARES primary repeater 146.79 MHz. The first visual report came from KC0SCT located just south of the cell located near highways 92 & 169. Soon after, N0RJC joined the net sharing information along with pictures and dash cam video. KE0RFE arrived in the area and confirmed what was now a wedge-shaped wall cloud with rotation moving slowly north just west of St. Luke’s Hospital along highway 169. Platte and Clay County sheriff officers in the area began a track while preparing to shut down road access if needed. Reports from spotters tracking the cell noted that there was light to no winds associated with the cell. All the information from the field was shared on the NWS-CHAT on-line resource. Around the same time, NWS-CHAT reported radar indicated tornado events in the Missouri City area. As quickly as these cells developed, they began to fall apart, the conditions that would cause the cells to gain strength fortunately was not available. The NWS confirmed an EF0 event with a 50-yard long path just north of the town of Smithville, Mo. Twelve ARES operators covered this event providing reports to NCS along with pictures and video reports as follow-up to a 45-minute event that fortunately did not turn into a recovery effort… Our sincere Thanks to all that responded… KA0OTL NCS, K0KEX alt NCS, Spotters: KC0SCT, N0RJC, KE0RFE and W0RPZ . Reporting stations: KF0ACY, W5GZT, KD0NBH and KD0FUE. Log support: N0BKE and WA0TJT. 6FN for initial telephone reports.

JULY 2020 “MODES” The acronym stands for “Missouri Digital Emergency Service”.
MODES 3.985 MHz Thursday 10:00 am CDT. FIVE sessions, QNI 71, QTC 5 for 35 person-hours. Net ops include a SEMA supported conference number (573) 693-7466 Access #2663 members share current Sit Rep’s with the net participants. Net requirements, FLdigi-FSQ for net interaction. New members are welcome. NCS KA0OTL Jeff, Net mgr.

District E: Larry Ford N0RIC DEC

District E Net Seccsions – 9. QNI 39 Traffic 4

District F: J.D. Simmons WA0BER DEC

N0JBF appointed District F ADEC. Callaway County added one new member.

Below are the statistics reported for the month of July 2020:

Stay safe and get on the air.


Jeff KB3HF

Missouri Section EC