Missouri Section June 2020 Activity Report

We still seem to not be able to control the virus as cases continue to escalate around the state. It seems most of us in ARES are staying safe as the reporting continues to show much less activity. I encourage the ECs to try and at least report for your county and track hours as you can. Don’t forget that local nets count for time in ARES.

Our Section Manager Cecil Higgins, AC0HA, and I have now made a decision that Missouri Section will not use ARES Connect for reporting Section activity to HQ. The system is not user friendly and requires a lot of work for all involved. Those groups that are already using ARES Connect for membership rosters, emailing, etc. are encouraged to continue to use the system as it suits your group. We will continue to report our hours as we have been doing for a long time. ECs will report their activity to the District DEC. The DEC will aggregate the district results and report to the SEC using the JotForm online forms. This system is very easy to set up and use each month and it’s free. Some DECs are using it to collect the district info from the ECs. DECs can contact the SEC for information on this systems if they would like to consider using it for the district information from the ECs.

District News:

District A: Mike Bellinger, K0UAA DEC

Benton Co. – Benton County ARES Members participated in the following nets: MTN, ARES, Region A Healthcare, and various club nets. KE0LMY ran the Region A Healthcare Net on the 17th. There were 30 check-ins, with 12 of those coming from healthcare facilities in Region A. Monthly meetings resumed in June 2020 with limitations per the county health department. Members of the BC ARES also provided communications during the Devon’s Beat 5k run in Lincoln, MO. And finally the group operated with/for the D.A.R.K. Dam Amateur Radio Klub for ARRL Field Day under full emergency power (2F MO) for the entire event utilizing Benton County’s Emergency Communications Trailer. More information can be found on D.A.R.K.’s website: https://damark.org/2020/07/01/putting-the-fun-in-field-day/

Jackson Co. – EC participated in 6 online meetings in June representing ARES

Johnson Co. – June meeting was a training session on navigation of the mesh network. Members worked on concrete base for 2nd tower at the Johnson County Emergency Management office. Members participated in field day operations with the Warrensburg Area Amateur Radio Club.

Northland (Platte & Clay Cos.) – Northland ARES June meeting continues on ZOOM. KA0SXY, Dennis, EC for Clay County, hosted the meeting with 17 members attending. The program was on phonics, a Jeopardy styled operation developed by KD0OBP. Diana is credited with the application that was both educational and fun. Members were also requested to share Field Days plans with most indicating Class “D” with their individual groups. Look forward to seeing the results from the ARRL 2020 Special COVID19 waiver.

ARES Digital Training Net Sunday 8:00 PM 147.330 (151.4) The net welcomes new operators. NCS opens with Voice check-ins for new operators, BPSK63 @ 1500 Hz is the main mode for digital check-ins. FLamp & FLmsg programs are utilized for training. All stations are welcome to the net. NCS > K0KEX

June 2020 “MODES” These nets cover counties in Northwest Missouri as well as stations in Rolla. This past week a new station near St. Louis joined the net. “MODES” The acronym stands for “Missouri Digital Emergency Service”. MODES 3.985 MHz Thursday 10:00 am CDT. Four sessions QNI 53 QTC 6 21 hours. Net operations include a SEMA supported conference number (573) 693-7466 and access #2663. Members share current Sit Rep’s with the net participants. Net requirements, FLdigi-FSQ for net interaction. New members are welcome. NCS KA0OTL Jeff, Net mgr.

District B: Dale Bagley, K0KY DEC

Field Day was difficult this year and presented new challenges.

District E: – Larry Ford, N0RIC DEC

I am sad to report that New Madrid EC Bill Piatt, N0JHW became a SK this month.

Two groups participated in Field Day with 164 hours reported.

District G: Ron Tost, K0RGT DEC

Douglas Co. – Douglas County had several doing Field Day from home

Texas Co. – Texas County did not do field day this year

The following is the activity reported for Missouri Section for the month of June 2020:

Thanks for all of the assistance that you provide for your communities and citizens. Stay safe and be careful in the hot weather.


Jeff Young

Missouri Section EC