Missouri Section January Activity Report

Happy New Year to All. As we begin the new year, I want to thank all the membership for the hard work and service to our communities. The Amateur Radio Service is an important part of our emergency communications planning and also a great hobby. There are so many new methods of communication available to us now that it’s important to keep exploring the new communication techniques.

The Missouri Digital communications EOP is now currently being reviewed and updated by the 2020 Digital Data Communications committee. Look for a revised digital data EOP in the near future.

As far as activity reporting for our Section, we will continue to report our activities and hours as we have been. JotForm is a great way to simplify the reporting and the DECs have been using the fill in forms very successfully. For those DECs not using JotForm to collect the reports for your ECs, you might want to consider using this technique. The service is free for our level of usage.Contact me if you would like to explore using this reporting method.

District Notes:

District A: Mike Belinger, K0UAA DEC

Benton Co. – BC ARES members took part in numerous local, regional, and statewide nets this month including the weekly nets, MTN, KCHEART Net, and Region A Healthcare Net. The Region A Healthcare Net had 28 check-ins in the month of January 2020. Of those, 9 were from healthcare facilities. Members of the Region A Healthcare Net Team (composed of members of the BC ARES, Bates County EMA, Benton County EMA, and WAARCI) were recognized and thanked by Bill Moberly of the Mid America Regional Council for their efforts with the Region A Healthcare Net in 2019. He expressed his continued support of the program into 2020!

Johnson Co. – Most radios are operational at the new Emergency Management office radio room on a temporary tower. Permanent tower will be moved and erected as weather permits.

Northland (Clay and Platte Cos.) – January 2020 the FSQ-MO net has been updated & Re-named The net participants agreed that “MODES” would define the operation. The acronym stands for “Missouri Digital Emergency Service”. MODES 3.985 MHz Thursday 10:00 am CDT. Five sessions QNI 82 QTC 5 37 hours Net operations include a SEMA supported conference number (573) 693-7466 Access #2663 members share current Sit Rep’s with the net participants. Net requirements, FLdigi-FSQ for net interaction. New members are welcome. NCS KA0OTL Jeff, Net manager.

January ARES meeting – Members were pleased to have Capt Anthony Avery & Deputy. Mike Oneal from the Platte County Sheriff Department to discuss to the relationship between the Sheriff Department and ARES. CCTA operation and training among other communications topics were covered.

The Liberty 1/2 Marathon planning is under way, the web site http://www.kcnorthares.org/ has dates/times along with a link to Sign Genius for operators planning to participate in the event.

District E: Barry Doyle AC0WL, ADEC

In Cape Girardeau County ACØWL visited KFVS12 TV and discussed the Cape Girardeau Skywarn Net with Grant Dade, Chief Meteorologist and his staff to help them get the word out about severe weather more efficiently. We also had an EF2 tornado come through Jackson, MO on 1/11/20.

District F: J.D. Simmons, WA0BER DEC

Cole County: Conducted short notice ARES net. Also DEC and 2 additional ARES members participating in Mo-ARES Digital Data Addendum update.

Boone County: Conducted Winlink P2P exercise. EC participating in Mo-ARES Digital Data Addendum update.”

District G: Ron Yost, K0RGT DEC

Douglas County: Tech Class on Jan. 4th with 7 students as of Jan 27th 4 have passed their Tech Class and have their license. Classes will Continue next month.

The following is the monthly summary of activity for the Missouri Section reported to Newington:


Jeff Young, KB3HF

Missouri Section EC