Missouri Section December Activity Report

2019 has come and gone. The year was fairly busy with a lot of events supported by our ARES groups around the state. We had 2,193 training events, 371 public service operations, 97 emergency operations and 359 Skywarn operations for a total volunteered time of 29,074 hours. At $15.00 per hour that’s $436,000+ in value to our served agencies. Total membership in Missouri ARES stands at 980 members, down from this time last year. Thanks to all of the membership for your dedication and work for the Section.

District News & Notes:

District A: Mike Bellinger, K0UAA

Benton Co. – The BC ARES membership number was audited this month to only include active members in the group. It will give us a more realistic, fresh start to 2020. We appreciate the volunteers who give their time to supporting ARES and do not want to lose them in a larger number of inactive volunteers. BC ARES members took part in numerous local, regional, and statewide nets this month including the weekly ARES nets for several counties, MTN, KCHEART Net, and Region A Healthcare Net. The Region A Healthcare Net had 26 check-ins in the month of December. Of those, 11 were from healthcare facilities

Jackson Co. – Draft of an MOU was prepared for a home health organization to cooperate with ARES. AEC, Fretwell made an ARES introductory presentation to a group of hams active in emergency service belonging to the International House of Prayer.

Johnson Co. – The December meeting was canceled due to weather. Members have been relocating the radio room to a new location with the move of the Johnson County Emergency Management.

Northland (Clay and Platte Cos.) – FSQ-MO net 3.985 MHz Thursday 10:00 am CDT. Four sessions QNI 59 QTC 4 25 hours Net operations include a SEMA supported conference number (573) 693-7466 Access #2663 for members to share current Situation Reports with the net participants. Net requirements, FLdigi-FSQ for net interaction. New members are welcome. NCS KA0OTL, Jeff, Net manager.

District G: Ron Tost K0RGT

Douglas County – Tech Class starting in January 2020 our OES attended a Skywarn Appreciation at the NWS in Springfield

The following is the December reported activities and annual summary:

I hope everyone had a great holiday season and certain new pieces of equipment added to their toolboxes of radio gear. Let’s make 2020 a bigger and better year and stay safe in all of your endeavors.


Jeff Young, KB3HF

Missouri Section Emergency Coordinator