Missouri Section October 2019 Activity Report

It seems that Fall has decided not to check in this year and Winter has jumped up and checked in way ahead of schedule. Be sure that your equipment and vehicles are ready for the cold season.

For the DECs and ECs, if you complete any of the training courses, please let me know and I will update your files. I will send an an update of the training to the DECs after the first of the year. I know that some people don’t want to do some of the courses, but they are not difficult and can be done in short time. You might even learn something new that you didn’t know before.

District A – Mike Bellinger K0UAA

Benton Co. – EC, KE0LMY and members KE0LMZ and KE0TTL attended the Show-Me Partnership Conference on October 8th and 9th. Some of the topics discussed were the New Madrid earthquake scenario and we received information on the Branson Duck Boat situation.  New blue-sky partnerships began and existing ones were renewed! It was a very educational experience and the BC ARES was proud to be a part of such a great conference!

On October 12th, the BC ARES ran their SET. Members who participated included KE0LMY, KE0VCR, KF6DRH, KE0LMZ, KD0WXT, W0YQG, AE0DU, W0ABD, KE0TTL, and KE0WNU. BC MO CERT Assistant Coordinator Kentton Harris and BC MO CERT member Nancy Powell also participated, as well as visitors John and Margo. Both volunteer groups participated under the direction of the Emergency Management Agency utilizing the EMA’s radio room and Emergency Communications trailer. For further information on the SET, you can visit the EC blog on bentoncountyares.org in the near future.

The Region A Healthcare Net had 30 check-ins in the month of October. Of those, 16 were from healthcare facilities. Members are working with the Mid-America Regional Council to provide classes, testing sessions, and resources to assist healthcare facilities to install amateur radio equipment.

Under the direction of the EMA and alongside the Benton County CERT, members of the BC ARES ran the Heritage Days Net and assisted with communications and actual traffic control on October 19th and 20th. Members of the BC ARES showed the Benton County Emergency Communications trailer to the public and demonstrated its capabilities. The Warsaw Chamber of Commerce is donating five Teen CERT backpacks and five CERT backpacks to the Benton County CERT organization in appreciation of the combined efforts of the BC MO CERT and BC ARES.

On October 25th, the BC ARES Trailer Team had a meeting with members of the BC MO CERT to discuss changes needed in the layout of the trailer to better fulfill CERT’s needs to work in harmony with the radio communication portion of the trailer. Progress continues on that project and updates can be found on the BC ARES and BC MO EM websites (bcmoem.com).

October 26th was an extremely busy day for the entire group. First, KD0WXT participated in the Johnson County ARES SET. Next, EC KE0LMY and members KF6DRH and KE0LMZ provided radio communications in each of the major towns in Benton County for the Butterfield 60 Bike Run to relay information and track riders as they biked the route.  BC MO CERT members Jeremy Troestar and Susan Kelb provided additional safety along the trail. Finally, the 26th was the first day of the two-day Technician class course hosted by the EMA, BC ARES, DARK, and MARC. This class was held due to a need to have additional EMA and medical professionals trained to take part in the Region A Healthcare Net. Though the class was small, three new people are now Technicians; Vin Journey, Kaitlyn Novotny, and Alex Cason. The EC would like to thank Rex Green KE0VCR, Terry Crane W0ABD, Sandy Crane AE0DU, and Dennis Jacobs NX0IA for their efforts in teaching the class and being excellent volunteers.  She would also like to thank the members of the D.A.R.K. Dam Amateur Radio Klub VE Team and the visiting members of the S.P.A.R.K. Sedalia-Pettis Amateur Radio Klub VE Team who assisted with testing.

Carroll Co. – Members participated in at least 14 regional nets during the reporting period including MO Traffic Nets, KCHEART, Region-A MOSWIN Health Care Net, Region-A VHF Health Care Net, FSQCall Nets and Carroll Co ARES Nets.

In preparation for a MARC Northern District Exercise scheduled for 11/20 based on loss of most normal communications capabilities, support was provided to Hospitals in Saline, Carroll, Ray and Lafayette Counties.  Work targeted antennas and related systems as well as maintenance of radios.  In addition, classroom and on-air digital operations training was conducted in Higginsville (Lafayette County) on October 21 to 8 amateurs in preparation for the exercise.

In cooperation with the Ray-Clay Radio Club, a “Fall Event” gathering was held in Carroll County on October 5 at the EC’s home.  Twenty-three attendees from 5 counties were present for the pot-luck meal.  Considerable time was spent on discussing all aspects of amateur radio and emergency preparedness along with demonstration of field deployable stations with emphasis on the 80m EFHW antenna.

Jackson Co. – Participated in ARRL SET on October 5 as part of a regional exercise coordinated by the Metropolitan Emergency Communications Committee, The scenario involved a complex coordinated terrorist attack. The site of an attack was the Arrowhead Stadium were a celebration of a successful football season was being held. Points of communication were set up near the scene of that attack, at a reunification center, at various hospitals and the Kansas City EOC. At least 115 member-hours invested.

Johnson Co. – Johnson county conducted a SET on Oct 26th simulating a earthquake in SE Missouri. We practiced Internet & power outages as well as repeater failures where operators would need to manipulate their radios to operate simplex on the repeater output frequency, Also tested the AREDN mesh network with chat programs viewing cameras and IP phones and sent message to the DEC and SEC via Winlink from a remote location in the county.

Northland (Clay and Platte) -October 2019 SET Operations began with two EOCs & two command post reunification centers. Due to generator system problems with the Clay County Mobile Command Unit and subsequent equipment failures, part of the communications duties were transferred to the Platte County Sheriff’s EOC.

A voice net operated on VHF and a digital net on UHF. Northland ARES liaison to Regional Net was handled from a Lawrence, Ks station. KC0RRS covered liaison duty, as well as digital communications into Clay County was located at FS#2 EOC. Zona Rosa reunification center operations completed all digital injects in a timely manner. Control operator changes were made at the half way point and the new operator completed the required Injects. QNI 18 Total hours 102.

Clay & Platte County EOC’s functioned with only minor problems.

SET log operation was handled using Net Control Manager. Primary net & sub-net data was recorded. The result at end of operations are completed ICS-214 forms. These forms are then inserted into the Final SET AAR folder for Northland ARES. Documentation of SET operations may be viewed at https://net-control.us/  We thank WA0TJT for developing this system, W0DLK performed net log manager duties for the SET.

Northland ARES wishes to thank all ARES members for their participation in the 2019 operation. The operation was a success in part by your dedication.

FSQ-MO net 3.985 MHz Thursday 10:00 am CDT. Five sessions QNI 63 QTC 4 32 hours of net operations include a SEMA supported conference number (573) 693-7466 Access #2663 where members share current Sit Rep’s with the other net participants. Net requirements, FLdigi-FSQ for net interaction. New members are welcome. NCS KA0OTL Jeff, Net Manager.

District G – Ron Tost, K0RGT

Carter Co. –  The Current River Amateur Radio Club met the Carter Emergency Management Director and Missouri State Personnel to get a Federal Nonprofit I D Number, so that the Club could Apply for Federal and State Grants to purchase and equip an Emergency Communication Trailer and upgrade the existing unused Repeater systems for Carter County Emergency Services.

Douglas Co. – Group is going to be doing a Tech Class in the next few months.

District H

Livingston Co. – Support for Chillicothe Walk event

The following are the report hours of service for the month of October:

So far this year, members have contributed 25, 976 hours to serve our agencies and train. Very impressive. Thanks to all who have contributed.


Jeff KB3HF

Missouri Section Emergency Coordinator