Missouri Section April 2019 Activity Report

Plans are in process for a statewide communications exercise on June 15 in the morning. This is going to be the first statewide exercise in a number of years. The scenario is in development at this time.  It looks like we will be using HF, VHF and digital methods of communications to track evacuees from the boot-heel of the state as they move northward to escape from the earthquake zone. This is being put together by Mike Thayer at SEMA and J.D. Simmons DEC of District F. More to follow. Watch for communications from your district EC and this website.

District News:

District A: Mike Bellinger K0UAA

Benton Co.– The group’s Standard Operating Guidelines and the Incident Action Plan have been updated. These will undergo continuous updates as needed.

Their weekly nets have been picking up momentum. They are regularly getting over 15 check-ins per week, up from about 6 per week. While they are working on restoring EchoLink to the 925, they are utilizing NetLogger. They have a NetLogger walkthrough on their website if you are interested in operating that software.

They BC ARES will be teaching Em Comm to the May 4 & 5 BC MO CERT training class.

Plans are underway for the Tri-county, Tri-group Field Day effort up in Johnson County. They are putting together a list of those who want to come up for short periods of time or come up for the full 24-hour stretch. The group is on track for using the Benton County Emergency Communications Trailer for the event, which will be fully outfitted with radio equipment, air conditioning, snacks, drinks, and more!

KE0LMZ and KE0LMY attended the Ararat Hamfest 2019. They proudly represented the BC ARES at the event!

The Region A Healthcare net is doing very well. They get an average of 30 checkins each month and they are happy to see it growing! It is an extremely important resource which supports redundant communication for healthcare facilities in Region A.

This month, AEC Ken Vining, Barb Vining, and EC Sam Henley attended FEMA Search and Rescue in Community Disasters Training in Camden County. It was an informative course which built on lessons learned in Community Emergency Response Team training.

They’d like to thank Benton County ARES member Scott Lawson N0PCT for his presentation at their April meeting about Civil Air Patrol response in Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina. A number of lessons Scott learned have helped the Benton County ARES to revise their SOG and Incident Action Plan. Scott also donated the banner which will be featured at their Field Day event this year and two Toughbooks to the Benton County, MO Emergency Communications Trailer!

Members of the Benton County ARES and Benton County MO CERT provided traffic control in Lincoln, MO this month during the Devon’s 5K Run. They love to see their members reaching out to help the community!

The Benton County ARES Trailer Team has been hard at work on the Benton County Emergency Communications trailer. They are meeting regularly now and pushing to complete the project in time for Jubilee Days, June 6-8. You can follow their progress at bentoncountyares.org/community/projects/ and bcmoem.com/amateur-radio/.

Carroll Co. – Members participated in at least 20 regional nets during the reporting period including MO Traffic Net, MESN, KCHEART, Region-A MOSWIN Health Care Net, Region-A VHF Health Care Net, FSQCall Net and Carroll Co ARES Net.

Antenna and radio equipment maintenance and digital training was conducted in support of the Carrollton Fire Department and Carroll County Memorial Hospital.

ARES members provided assistance and operational demonstration of the Mobile Command and Emergency Communications Trailer and the associated portable generator and Jack-up tower at Carroll Fire Department Station.

The EC attended the initial meeting of the Carroll County Healthcare Coalition and initial planning was reviewed for an upcoming “closed pod inoculation exercise” in support of the Carroll County Health Department.

Amateur license testing was conducted with one successful candidate for Technician Class.

Jackson Co. – Members staffed a table at the Ararat Shrine Hambash handing out IDs and taking new member registrations.

Johnson Co. – EC attended the region A Health Care Coalition meeting and did demo on Amateur radio equipment. Attended Shrine hamfest and did demonstration on IP phones and mesh system.

Northland (Clay & Platte Cos.) – ARES April meeting. Dennis Carpenter reviewed a “Deployment Location document” developed by Patrick Hoesly KE0RFE. The information outlined 27 locations with complete details, ARES members selected locations to visit and confirm details. The results will be complied and reviewed at the May meeting.

FSQ-MO Digital net operation. Four sessions QNI 49 QTC Four. Total net time 27 hours
The FSQ-MO net operates Thursday 10:00 AM 3598 kHz. FLdigi-FSQ at 1500 Hz.
A conference bridge 573-693-7466 pin/2663) is provided by SEMA comm. Mike Thayer.
During April stations from the following counties Platte, Carroll, Jackson, Livingston, Pettis, Cole, Phelps, Benton, Schuyler. and St. Louis participated in FSQ net activities.
Net manager Jeff Libby KA0OTL

Net Control Manager https://net-control.us/
This resource continues to evolve, Keith Kaiser WA0TJT continues to develop this logging resource. Groups using this program will quickly discover that monthly reports are stored and available for compiling data, filing ICS forms with served agencies, etc.

District B: Dale Bagley, K0KY

There was some serious flooding, but there was no request for ARES help.


The follow is the statistics for the month of April:

Total Counties 13 16 12 18 13 13 9 15 6 115
Total Reporting 7 6 5 7 6 6 4 1 0 42
Members 320 108 213 239 36 124 46 46 128 1260
Plus / Minus 0 0 -1 -23 -10 0 0 0 0 -34
Training Ops 75 32 11 21 13 41 15 0 0 208 814
Svc Hours 649 108 107 413 49.8 283 158 0 0 1767.5 7222.31
Public Svc Ops 1 0 3 28 0 0 2 1 0 35 157
Svc Hours 20 0 8 273 0 0 10 5 0 316 1846
Emergency Ops 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 0 4 23
Svc Hours 0 0 0 23 0 0 0 0 0 23 118
Skywarn Ops 1 0 3 7 1 6 11 0 0 29 106
Svc Hours 32 0 25 34 2.25 15 79 0 0 187.25 399.75
Total Operations 77 32 17 60 14 47 28 1 0 276 1100
Total Svc Hours 701 108 140 743 52 298 247 5 0 2293.7 9586.06



Jeff KB3HF

Missouri Section EC