Missouri Section October 2018 Activity Report

I’m not sure where Fall went, but it looks like Winter has stuck early and with a vengeance. Now is the time to check for your winter gear in the grab and go kits. Remember to equip your vehicle with the appropriate items so even if not deployed on an ARES event, your prepared if you get caught out in bad weather.

January is coming fast and so is the implementation of ARES Connect going live. I haven’t seen any updates or delays with the implementation, so plan on using the software. ECs that have not registered their groups for a county ID should do so as soon as possible.

Here are items of interest from the Districts.

District A – Mike Bellinger, K0UAA

Benton Co.: October was an extremely busy month for the BC ARES! Members participated in the following nets: MTN, MESN, ARES, and various club nets. They began the month by observing the ARRL Simulated Emergency Test for October 6th and 7th. The EC worked with a representative from the Missouri Repeater Council (James Adkins, KB0NHX) to bring the 146.925 MHz. (-) PL 107.2 Hz. repeater back online under new ownership with Benton County and it is now maintained by the Benton County, MO Emergency Management Agency under callsign WB0EM. The EC attended the Region A Healthcare meeting on the 16th and ran the Region A Healthcare Net on the 17th. There were 29 check-ins, with 12 of those coming from healthcare facilities in Region A. On October 20, the BC MO EM, BC ARES, and BC MO CERT participated in the Simulated Emergency Test set up for Johnson and Benton Counties. It was a great demonstration of how amateur radio operators can fit into Community Emergency Response Teams to relay information over areas and miles when standard GMRS radios won’t suffice. Immediately following the SET, the CERT and ARES members were deployed to assist the Warsaw Police Department with traffic control for Warsaw Pioneer Heritage Days. On October 25, the EC participated in a meeting with the corporate offices of Compass Health to give them information on equipment, licensing, and more so they can begin to participate in the Region A Healthcare nets. On October 31st, the BC ARES participated in the Warsaw Halloween Hoopla, providing third-party communication experiences between trick-or-treaters and Roger Henley KD0WXT. The children had a great time, and were very excited to talk on the radio (via Renee Cason, KE0LMZ). Work has begun on obtaining and outfitting an Emergency Communications trailer for Benton County. It is headed by the BC EMA and they have asked members of the BC ARES to assist in the project. Updates can be found on bcmoem.com as the projects begins and progresses.

Cass Co.: Conducted one SKYWARN net. Did not conduct SET exercise with the Kansas City region, but members were offered the opportunity to exercise with other groups that exercised.

Jackson Co.: ARES participated in the ARRL SET.

Johnson Co.: Members participated in a Simulated Emergency Test along with members from Benton County. Special thanks to Scott KJ4MFW for his efforts in writing and planning this year’s SET. October meeting was in-depth practice on setting up your radio and practice on other models as well. There was on-air practice during the Sunday evening net on 146.88 MHz (neg offset 107.2 Hz PL) on Oct 11th 8:30 PM. A random frequency was announced on the net and everyone tried to input this frequency in the VFO and make contact on that frequency as well.

Northland (Clay & Platte): Each SET operation has its own issues to overcome. The weather was the determining factor for this SET with lightning and flooding conditions across the metro. The participating ARES members exhibited professionalism and teamwork required during such an event.   The Platte County EOC hosted operations from the Zona Rosa command. Voice & digital communications from an updated communications position within the dispatch center. The participating operators had utilized the ARES Digital Training Net to become proficient in the NBEMS modes. The Clay County EOC hosted operations from Pleasant Valley command. Primary voice & digital net operations were conducted from Smithville Fire Station #2. Initial digital operation problems were resolved quickly through teamwork by those involved. The use of a UHF repeater located at the Clay County EOC was utilized for the digital net operation. Operational testing confirmed digital communications between Northland facilities. Additional testing confirmed UHF digital communications possible between the Northland and Regional EOC was available. October ARES meeting: The SET AAR reviewed. Discussions included comments from the operators that participated at the EOCs and command posts. FSQcall-MO Digital weekly nets conducted Thursday 10:00 AM CDT 3.598 MHz Fldigi-FSQ mode or FSQcall to check-in. Net control sends announcements beginning 09:45 AM check-in protocol, Call districts, & etc included. Net control will announce a SEMA hosted Conference server number. Net participants share updates, signal reports, Missouri Digital activities. New participants are welcome. FSQcall-MO net report: Four sessions 52 participants 26 Hours total. The Digital Training Net Sunday @ 20:00 hrs on the 147.330 MHz. repeater continues to attract new digital operators. FLdigi, FLmsg & FLamp applications are presented in preparation for the October SET exercise. The net opens with voice check-ins followed by digital modes. All stations are welcome.

Pettis Co.: SKYWARN 21 HRS, EMA siren test 2 HRS & EMA meeting 6 HRS”

District E – Bob Gosnell N0DAN

Mo Dist E ARES Net, Sess-9, QNI-52, QTC-1, Dur 78min

District G – Ron Tost K0RGT

Douglas Co.: Held a Tech Class and 4 new tech’s in Webster County.

Here is the report activity for the Missouri Section in October:

Total Counties 13 16 12 18 13 13 9 15 6 115
Total Reporting 7 7 4 7 8 7 3 1 0 44
Members 329 107 247 188 54 124 33 12 125 1219
Plus / Minus 0 0 -9 -22 9 0 -25 0 0 -47
Training Ops 71 23 15 56 21 47 16 0 0 249 2401
Svc Hours 818 103 195 562 98 302 143 0 0 2220.5 19562.4
Public Svc Ops 4 5 1 12 0 0 0 1 0 23 408
Svc Hours 71 157 10 311 0 0 0 45 0 594 7080.7
Emergency Ops 0 0 0 5 0 0 0 0 0 5 37
Svc Hours 0 0 0 25 0 0 0 0 0 25 203
Skywarn Ops 2 0 0 1 0 1 10 0 0 14 321
Svc Hours 31 0 0 3 0 3 36 0 0 73 1955
Total Operations 77 28 16 74 21 48 26 1 0 291 3221
Total Svc Hours 920 260 205 901 98 305 179 45 0 2912.5 28801.1

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!


Jeff Young KB3HF

Missouri Section EC