Missouri Section August 2018 Activity Report

As I sit here at the keyboard with the TV in the background covering Hurricane Florence, I am thinking about how the hurricane will affect communications on the eastern seaboard. How are the emergency communications plans being formed and will the amateur groups be able to operate and coordinate among each other with efficient communications? We need to be reviewing or establishing our communications plans within the counties and districts of our section. Do you have a ICS-217 form completed with your area’s communications assets? Many are posted on this website. Have your reviewed the State and District Emergency Operation Plans? They are also on this website. Consider reviewing your plans and submit them for publishing on this website. With SET coming up next month, it’s a great time to exercise your plans.

District News & Comments:

District A: Mike Bellinger, K0UAA

Benton Co. – Members participated in the following nets: MTN, MESN, ARES, and various club nets. The EC ran the Region A Healthcare Net. This month, there were 24 check-ins from healthcare facilities, EMAs, ARES groups, and individual operators. The EC continues to work on ways to grow this important resource. The purchase of the 146.925 MHz. repeater by Benton County has been completed. The repeater is currently off line as the paperwork to transfer ownership and other needs related to the repeater are met. When it is brought back on line, it will function under the Benton County, MO Emergency Management callsign WBØEM, with Deputy Director Samantha Henley, KEØLMY, as the trustee. An announcement of the restoration will be posted on bentoncountyares.org, the BC ARES Facebook page, Larry’s List, and by other means when it is completed, hopefully in September.

Carroll Co. – Members participated in at least 28 regional nets during the reporting period including MO Traffic Net, MESN, Carroll Co ARES, KCHEART, Region-A MOSWIN Health Care Net, Region-A VHF Health Care Net, FSQCall Net. EC participated in MARC Northern District Health Care Advisory Committee Meeting in Lexington on August 9, Ray County Health Care Coalition Meeting in Richmond on August 16 and the Carroll County Health Care Coalition planning meeting at CCMH on August 20. Major Repeater maintenance was completed on the Ray-Clay Radio Club two-meter repeater located near Lawson, MO. The ARES Connect ID for Carroll County ARES has been received.

Cass Co. – During the month of August participated in the Missouri Traffic Net, the Missouri Emergency Services Net, the Jackson County ARES Digital Net, the FSQCall-Mo net, and conducted a digital communications exercise on its backup repeater. Cass ARES also now has a DMR net on the Cass ARES Talk-group 31299 following its FM voice net.

Jackson Co. – Two new net control station called the VHF FM voice net for the first time.

Johnson Co. – EC attended the 30th Annual Missouri Emergency Management Conference.

Northland (Clay and Platte Co.) – National Night Out Against Crime 2018 August 7, 2018 5:00pm to 8:00pm Platte County Amateur Group & ARES members participated in this event in Platte City, Mo. Amateur radio info presented to visitors. Hot dogs & soft drinks were enjoyed on a warm evening. FSQcall-MO Digital weekly nets conducted Thursday 10:00 AM CDT 3.598 Mhz
Fldigi-FSQ mode or FSQcall to check-in. Net control sends announcements beginning 09:45 AM check-in protocol, Call districts, & etc included. Net control will announce a SEMA hosted Conference server number. Net participants share updates, signal reports, Missouri Digital activities. New participants are welcome. FSQcall-MO April net report: Four sessions 71 participants 29 Hours total. The Digital Training Sunday @ 20:00 hrs on the 147.330 repeater continues to attract new digital operators. FLdigi – FLmsg & FLamp are presented in preparation for the October SET exercise. The net opens with Voice check-ins followed by Digital modes. All stations are welcome. August ARES meeting: ICS Message forms were topic for this months training. Dennis KAØSXY presented a detailed program on ICS-213 forms. Members formed groups and completed forms and passed the traffic to others within each group. The result was a better understanding and preparation for upcoming events such as the October SET.

Pettis Co. – Monthly siren test for EMS-3 hrs Missouri State Fair parade traffic control – 6 Missouri State Fair SKYWARN weather briefing with NWS-8.5 hrs SKYWARN events – 105.5 total skywarn – 114 hrs. Was a part of ECS official duties in support of NWS.

Saline Co. – Table-top exercise with Saline County Health Care. Preparation for CERT Training w/ Saline EM.

Distict B: Dale Bagley, K0KY

Much needed rain in District B. A little quarter sized hail in northwest part of District.

District G – Ron Tost K0RGT

Carter County – The Current River Amateur Radio Club is in the process of getting an emergency Communication van for the Carter ARES and CRARC club special events. The Club is in the process of raising money to convert a retired Ambulance to the emergency van.

Douglas County – Was part of the Gala 2018 at Cedar Gap Baptist Church setting up ham radio showing how it works and signing folks up for the class in October.

Below are the activity statistics for the month of August:

Total Counties 13 16 12 18 13 13 9 15 6 115
Total Reporting 9 7 4 11 6 7 5 1 0 50
Members 329 108 256 263 51 124 59 12 125 1327
Plus / Minus 0 0 0 2 8 0 1 0 0 11
Training Ops 95 21 6 64 28 44 13 0 0 271 1955
Svc Hours 694 60.5 178 428 34 241 170 0 0 1805.3 16297.5
Public Svc Ops 5 2 3 73 0 0 1 0 0 84 373
Svc Hours 19 21 74 811 0 0 20 0 0 945 5883.7
Emergency Ops 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 0 4 30
Svc Hours 0 0 0 37 0 0 0 0 0 37 148
Skywarn Ops 32 0 3 5 1 1 50 0 0 92 289
Svc Hours 149 0 6 52 3.25 1 79 0 0 290.25 1808
Total Operations 132 23 12 146 29 45 64 0 0 451 2701
Total Svc Hours 862 81.5 258 1328 37.3 242 269 0 0 3077.5 24137.2


Jeff Young, KB3HF

Missouri Section EC