Missouri Section June 2018 Activity Report

It looks like a lot of groups in the Section had a great Field 2018. The weather was a little warm but actually broke for the weekend as the week leading to Field Day was very hot. I look forward to see the Section results in the December QST.

We are now half way through the year and the activity in Missouri remains strong.

ECs don’t forget to register with Headquarters to get you ARES Connect ID number. It looks like our Section could be going into the program later this summer. I still don’t have the details yet, but you need to get your ID numbers.

District News:

District A: MikeBellinger, K0UAA

Benton Co. – Members participated in the following nets: MTN, MESN, ARES, and various club nets. The EC ran the Region A Healthcare Net. This month, there were record check-ins from healthcare facilities, EMAs, ARES groups, and individual operators. The EC continues to work on ways to grow this important resource. The EC and AEC were asked to visit Royal Oaks Hospital in Windsor to help determine what they needed to set up an amateur radio redundant communication system for the facility. They did so and will revisit the site once the appropriate equipment is available for install. They also provided information about the Region A Healthcare net and training/testing for members of the staff to become licensed hams. The AEC Roger Wiltz (KC0OXO) and member Kelly Stanfield (W0YQG) attended the Region A Healthcare Meeting. They reported on last month’s Region A Healthcare Net numbers as well as what efforts were being made to  courage more participation throughout the healthcare and amateur radio communities. Work continued on the Radio Room at the Benton County, MO EMA. Members of the group participated in ARRL Kids Day along with WAARCI members at Knob Noster State Park. Members of the group also participated in ARRL Field Day but did not count their hours because they were doing it in cooperation with WAARCI and SPARK for the W0AU event effort. Hours were counted for the weekend of the group meeting prior to Field Day when the EC, AEC, and two other group members fully set up and broke down the Field Day equipment as practice.

Carroll Co. – Members participated in at least 33 regional nets during the reporting period including MO Traffic Net, MESN, Carroll Co ARES, KCHEART, Region-A MOSWIN Health Care Net, Region-A VHF Health Care Net, FSQCall Net. EC participated in MARC Northern District Health Care Advisory Committee Meeting in Lexington on June 14, Ray County Health Care Coalition Meeting in Richmond on June 21 and the MARC Patient Tracking and Communications Workshop in KC on June 25. Rather than participate in the standard ARRL Field Day event as a group, our ARES members sponsored a public event in the Carrollton City Park on June 23 where members of the community were introduced to ARES. Emergency preparedness for individuals and families as-well-as first responders was the general focus with more specific discussion and demonstration of emergency communications, antennas, and creating and maintaining go-bags to fit your specific needs. Several portable radio systems were demonstrated along with a “”hands-on”” antenna construction exercise and “”Fox Hunt”” contest. Lunch was provided. Twenty amateur license holders from Carroll and surrounding counties participated along with approximately the same number of “”prospective”” hams. In light of the fact that our ARES Group Registration had not yet been acknowledged, a new registration has been submitted.

Johnson Co. – High winds destroyed a building east of Holden and damaged A tower site owned by the Warrensburg Area Amateur Club. All repeaters are still operational. High winds also downed trees north of Warrensburg. Pictures will be available at the Warrensburg Hamfest on July 21st.

Northland (Clay and Platte Co.) – FSQcall-MO Digital weekly nets conducted Thursday 10:00 AM CDT 3.598 MHz. Fldigi-FSQ mode or FSQcall to check-in. Net control sends announcements beginning 09:45 AM check-in protocol, Call districts, & etc included. Net control will announce a SEMA hosted Conference server number. Net participants hare updates, signal reports, Missouri Digital activities. New participants are welcome. FSQcall-MO April net report: Four sessions 56 participants 21 Hours total. Pettis Co. – EMA MONTHLY MEETING 5 HRS. 7 SKYWARN EVENTS 89 HRS.

District F: J.D.Simmons, WA0BER

Two counties have received their ARES Group IDs. Audrain county ARES now has an emergency response trailer with 50 ft pneumatic mast. DEC visited FD sites in three counties within District F.

District G: – Ron Tost, K0RGT

Carter Co. – Three members from the Carter County ARES Went to and help with the SEMO Radio Club’s Field Day, June 23. The Carter County ARES is still working on getting an Emergency Communication Van and upgrading the CRARC 2-meter Repeater with a backup power supply for the repeater Equipment.

Douglas Co. Test session new Tech, Tech to General. Field Day 25 folks attended had ham from Lake Charles, LA who was at event in Seymour came for his 1st Field Day. Last day got a call from Ozark County EMA and asked us to get ready to possible do emergency communications for Ozark County Sheriff. Their tower was hit by lightning and had no communications. Contact was made to Ron Tost DEC along with Assistant and Teresa. Contact Ozark County EC Paul Hillhouse and was ready to go to Ozark County and the EMA director said they had Springfield Command Unit Communications on their way so we was on standby for several hours.

Texas Co. : – Also did Field Day in their County.

The following are the reported statistics for the month of June 2018:

Total Counties 13 16 12 18 13 13 9 15 6 115
Total Reporting 9 7 6 10 7 8 6 0 3 56
Members 330 110 257 261 43 124 58 12 125 1320
Plus / Minus 3 2 0 41 0 0 0 0 0 46
Training Ops 133 10 15 71 34 39 10 0 8 320 1419
Svc Hours 585 573 162 451 202 648 137 0 11 2768 12744
Public Svc Ops 4 2 3 59 1 2 5 0 0 76 199
Svc Hours 74 2 20 792 80 300 432 0 0 1700 4262
Emergency Ops 0 0 0 1 2 0 0 0 0 3 22
Svc Hours 0 0 0 10 4 0 0 0 0 14 91
Skywarn Ops 8 0 7 4 3 1 9 0 0 32 174
Svc Hours 145 0 22 30 17 2 60 0 0 276 1324
Total Operations 145 12 25 135 40 42 24 0 8 431 1868
Total Svc Hours 804 575 204 1283 303 950 629 0 11 4758 18421


Jeff Young KB3HF

Missouri Section EC