Missouri Section April 2018 Activity Report

The month of April has been below average severe weather wise but the Section still conducted 48 Skywarn Operations. The total service hours continue to be impressive as many members are contributing their time to the various District activities. Thanks again for the efforts. Field Day will becoming soon, so make your plans now for a successful event.

District News

District A – Mike Bellinger, K0UAA

SKYWARN – one for Cass, one for Jackson, one for Northland and two for Pettis

Benton Co. – The BC ARES has been busy this month! The EC is overhauling the group’s member roster so it is up to date and accurate. The EC has also welcomed a new AEC and will be bringing two more AECs onboard by the end of May. One AEC, Rick Harkins (W0YGH), stepped down as AEC and bid farewell to the group so he could participate closer to his home in Cass County. Wished him luck and hope he will return to visit whenever he gets a chance. The EC and AEC have been working with Benton County Emergency Management Agency to arrange funding of a new Emcomm trailer for the county, which the BC ARES will maintain. It is their hope to utilize the trailer for public outreach in non-emergency times and for county emergency communications should the need arise. They are only in the planning stages right now, but hope to keep everyone updated as they progress through this project. In coordination with MARC, the BC ARES has fully rolled out its “Getting Comfortable Speaking on the Radio” training program. While it is targeted toward healthcare facilities who have amateur radios on-site and wish to have their people trained on how to use them, the BC ARES welcomes all new hams to look over the webpage: http://www.bentoncountyares.org/emcomm/getting-comfortable-speaking-on-the-radio-training-program/ and if there are groups of new hams who would like to receive this training in person, they can contact the Benton County ARES directly at ke0lmy@yahoo.com. The BC ARES would like to thank KB0HV and KE0OAU for their assistance this month with the Region A Healthcare net. Due to damage the EC’s tower and antenna sustained, the EC was unable to run the net, though she could monitor it. Cary and Troy (through a “Blue-Sky Partnership”-,a partnership formed during non-emergency times through MOAs, jumped right into action to run the monthly net for the healthcare facilities in Region A. You can read more about it here: http://www.bentoncountyares.org/partnership-saved-region-a-net/.
The BC ARES welcomed new member KE0QAL this month! He plans to put up a new repeater at his home, so they hope to have news on that in upcoming months. KD0CNC also brought VEs together to distribute technician tests early in the month. Two of the three examinees passed and show interest in the group, so they look forward to expanding membership further
. The EC and her husband participated in the Missouri QSO party this month, representing Benton County (BEN). They logged dozens of contacts and were thrilled to have the chance to take part in such a great event.

Jackson Co. – provided ARES information at the Ararat Shrine HAMBASH

Northland (Clay and Platte) – For the 4-26 ARES meeting Chuck, K0XM, hosted a Q/A session on DMR operation. FSQcall-MO Digital weekly nets conducted Thursday 10:00 AM CDT on 3.598 Mhz. using Fldigi-FSQ mode or FSQcall to check-in. Net control sends announcements beginning at 09:45 AM check-in protocol, Call districts, & etc included. Net control will announce a SEMA hosted Conference server number. Net participants share updates, signal reports, Missouri Digital activities. New participants are welcome. FSQcall-MO April net report: Four sessions 54 participants 23 Hours total.

District B – Dale Bagley, K0KY

No major weather events in District B

District F – J.D. Simmons, WA0BER

Boone Co. – Boone County ARES provided Winlink setup and training at Callaway County Public Health Dept.

District G – Ron Tost, K0RGT

Carter Co. – A retired Carter County Ambulance has been made available to the Current River Amateur Radio Club for possible use as an emergency ARES communications Van for Carter County. The CRARC will talk about necessary requirements at the club's May 2018 monthly meeting, May 12, 2018.

Douglas Co. – Douglas: Waiting for our tower to go back up at Norwood.

The following is the reported activities and volunteer hours for the month of April:

Total Counties 13 16 12 18 13 13 9 15 6 115
Total Reporting 8 7 6 10 8 8 5 1 3 56
Members 323 108 266 220 43 126 44 12 125 1267
Plus / Minus 0 0 1 -23 0 0 -15 0 0 -37
Training Ops 64 5 12 68 16 46 20 0 8 239 859
Svc Hours 553 87.9 170 525 61.5 258 121 0 11 1787.2 8226.78
Public Svc Ops 1 0 3 11 0 0 4 0 0 19 74
Svc Hours 12 0 208 393 0 0 4 0 0 617 1831
Emergency Ops 0 0 1 4 0 0 0 0 0 5 18
Svc Hours 0 0 2 8 0 0 0 0 0 10 72
Skywarn Ops 5 0 11 7 5 1 19 0 0 48 100
Svc Hours 11 0 39 191 23.8 3 91 0 0 358.75 770.75
Total Operations 70 5 27 90 21 47 43 0 8 311 1105
Total Svc Hours 576 87.9 419 1117 85.3 261 216 0 11 2772.9 10900.5


Jeff Young, KB3HF

MO Section EC