Missouri Section Activity Report – February 2017

The ARRL has published the 20016 statistics for ARES nationwide. Missouri Section is 7th in the nation in reported membership with 1358 members and 4th in the nation in reported man hours with 34,895 valued at $663,005 using $19 per hour. This is quite an accomplishment for our Section and shows our dedication to supporting our neighbors and served agencies in the State of Missouri. Keep up the great work in 2017 and let’s see if we can exceed 2016 in service provided.

Jeff Libby, KA0OTL has developed a procedure for using FSQCall digital communications. The procedure has been placed in the Plans tab of this website. I recommend reading the procedure as this is one of the digital forms of communication that could be used during various situations in Missouri. Contact Jeff Libby if you have any questions or comments.

Keep Saturday, April 22nd open. Mike Thayer, SEMA Communications Officer, would like to hold a statewide exercise using voice and digital comms. This is a weekend exercise so more ARES members can practice their communications without having to take off work. More details to follow on the exact plan of the exercise.

DEC Comments:


A meeting arranged by Mike Thayer, for the discussion of digital communications in Missouri.

Location: State Emergency Operations Center Floor , Jefferson City, MO.
Date: Tuesday, February 21, 2017.
Mike Thayer KMØS Communications Officer, State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA)

Jeff Young KB3HF ARES Section Emergency Coordinator Missouri Section

Ken Humbertson WØKAH Assistant Emergency Coordinator District C (Digital Operations)

Tom Masso KDØQFR SEMA Facility Manager

Dave Bagge KDØCCP Communications Planner SEMA

Rick Wade KDØCNC Emergency Coordinator Benton County

Rick Harkins WØYGH Assistant Emergency Coordinator Benton County

Bill McFarland NØAXZ Emergency Coordinator Boone County

Patrick McGillan KA9PDK Emergency Coordinator Adair County

Sam Cook ACØOK Emergency Coordinator Sullivan County

J.D. Simmons WAØBER Emergency Coordinator District F

Jack Vantrump NØSAX Assistant Emergency Coordinator Carroll County

Bill Sweeney WØWTS Emergency Coordinator Carroll County

Jeff Libby KAØOTL FSQCall-MO/Northland ARES

Mike Thayer opened the meeting. After introductions, Mike presented an over view of his duties as communications officer and the government nets he participates in. Mike described how the floor is set up for different aspects of an event such as logistics, utilities and even pet care.

Jeff Libby gave an overview of the FSQCall-Mo HF digital effort. By combining the FSQCall and Fldigi suite of programs, the ability to communicate station to station with text traffic 1500 Hz. waterfall, while simultaneously other stations passing flmsg NBEMS traffic at 700 Hz. waterfall, with one radio, one interface, on one frequency.
Jeff Young commented about the need for digital communications in Missouri and what is in place to use currently.

Ken Humbertson reiterated why all fields of the Resource Request Form must be filled out completely. If not, the form will be returned to sender unanswered.

Winlink was brought up by a member of the group and the pros and cons were discussed.
In response to the Winlink discussion, Jeff Libby mentioned how a feature of FSQCall was used to alert all stations on the network last year of an unannounced Dept.of Defense drill, activating the Missouri Emergency Services Net.

Business not related specifically to digital, Jeff Young expressed concern of the upcoming solar eclipse August 21. If there are cloud blockages, there could be a mass of people moving across Missouri to view and if ARES should be involved.

After the meeting, the group was given a tour by Mike of the radio room.

District A:

Emergency Communications 101 was a clinic for hams who want to become involved in emergency and public service communications support. Three ARES groups attended to offer information about their groups. They were Cass, Jackson and Northland ARES.

Johnson County — The emergency time reported was for storm watch.

Northland (Clay a& Platte) — Members from newly formed Venture Crew 2273 of the Northern Lights District in the Heart of America Council of the BSA attended the February meeting. The Venture Crew was formed in January 2017, Keith Kaiser WAØTJT,s presentation provided the information and new member sign-up was completed. Since then a number of beginners have passed the Technician license and the group is headed in a positive direction. KC North ARES welcomes and congratulates the crew and the future of the team.

KC North ARES Digital Learning Net Sunday Evenings 8:00 PM CDT 147.330 repeater (open-no input tone) The net focuses on newcomers to digital modes operation using NBEMS FLdigi, FLarq, & FLmsg software. In addition, FSQcall U.S. ver 0.24.6 is utilized during roll call. For those new to digital operation, voice check in is welcome. All stations are welcome to join the net to ask questions and provide information learned that promotes digital mode communications. Additional information is available on the www.kcnortharea.org web sight. On the home page select the FSQ-CALL link to review current happenings as well as archived documents posted by new members. Net control is Rick KØKEX…questions pertaining to the net should be forwarded to rosmith1@hotmail.com. or call listed in the signature.

District B:

Ice Storm went through District B and several attended Spotter Training.

District E:

Please welcome Larry Ford, N0RIC as DEC for District E. He has replaced Bob Gosnell, N0DAN who has retired from the position.

District G:

Carter County: Working with SEMA Area G Coordinator Regional Coordinators this fall.

Douglas County: Session on Special Storm Spotter Review and Winter Field Day.

Oregon County: EC passed his Extra.

Ozark County: Winter Field Day.

Wright County: 6 ARES members attended the NWS Storm Spotter Class.

The following are the staticics for February:


# Counties 13 16 12 18 13 13 9 15 6 115
# Reporting 5 7 6 10 7 6 6 0 4 51
# Members 268 112 286 281 29 97 58 12 128 1271
Plus / Minus 0 0 0 0 -9 -9 10 0 0 -8
# Training Drills 31 3 23 79 13 25 13 0 1 188 430
Hours 417.7 144.9 282 735 69.5 282 102.5 0 12 2045.61 4218.9
# Public Svc 3 1 1 15 0 0 1 0 0 21 42
Hours 18 3 8 124 0 0 20 0 0 173 397
# Emer Ops 1 2 0 3 0 0 0 0 0 6 12
Hours 36 36 0 16 0 0 0 0 0 88 130
# Total Ops 35 6 24 97 13 25 14 0 1 215 484
Total Hours 471.7 183.9 290 875 69.5 282 122.5 0 12 2306.61 4745.9

Thanks for all of the support.


Jeff KB3HF

Missouri Section EC