Missouri Section Activity Report – October 2016

October was the month for holding Simulated Emergency Tests. It looks like a lot of the ARES® groups in the Section held sucessful exercises and tested the limits of the communications. As we approach the Holiday Season in the coming two months, don’t forget the activity continues in ARES. Please check your Grab and GO Kits for the appropriate seasonal changes. For those who subscribe to the ARES e-letter, District C DEC Bill Grimsbo, N0PNP, and I published an article in the October e-letter about Field Day and our supported agency.

Here is the District news as reported by the DECs:

District A:
Carroll – ARES members participated in six regular regional nets during October including the MESN, and KCHEART Nets. We participated in the MECC SET on October 1 with focus on FSQCall net communications. Multiple contacts between Carroll County and the Net Control Station in/near Rolla in Phelps County were successfully completed at low power. Additional operational training on FSQCall was carried out locally during the month and is on the agenda for the November CC ARES meeting. The EC and AEC attended the MARC Northern District Health Care Emergency Planning Committee meeting at I-70 Medical Center on October 6. Carroll County ARES continues work with the Carroll County EMD with emphasis on emergency communications assets. In addition, we provided initial training and operational testing on the MOSWIN system. At the request of Ray County Emergency Management, Carroll County ARES assisted in an emergency operation for the October 29 search for a Ray County individual missing since October 7. In addition to local Ray County residents, friends and family members, the search team also included ARES and CERT personnel from Northland ARES, Ray and Lafayette Counties. The team totaled approximately 55 people, of which approximately 12 were ARES or CERT members. The EC coordinated communications, search area designation, team briefing and deployment operations. Remains of the missing individual were found approximately two hours after the search began.

Cass – Participated in ARRL SET

Northland – September was a busy month for ARES members as plans for the Annual SET, 1 October, were finalized. In the Northland the Platte and Clay County EOC’s were activated. In addition, the Platte Resource Center was pulled into service to perform TWO key functions. ONE: SET Digital communications HUB for the Northland utilizing HF & VHF/UHF NBEMS programs to handle traffic between Northland EOC’s. Digital HF communications with Rolla, Mo., Emergency Coordinator KØOG, Joe Counsil from the Northland HUB along with traffic to SEMA in Jefferson City was successful. The countless hours spent by Jeff Libby KAØOTL and others in development of an area digital communications network was tested to the limit. The attached FSQcall-Mo report credits the efforts of all stations. The Platte Resource Center served as a Virtual Reception Center to document Evacuees arriving in the Kansas City area. The data was recorded in spreadsheets. This data was converted to CSV files that were handled as Digital traffic between agencies. The Platte Resource Center operation was an effort between Platte County Emergency Management and ARES members. The timely installation of a new tower with UHF/VHF antennas for Voice/Digital communications prior to the SET provided the reliable communications required in the occurrence of a real event. The NorthLand ARES extends our Thanks and Appreciation to the Clay County and Platte County Sheriff Department’s for their continued support in utilizing Amateur Radio as a communications tool.

October FSQcall-Mo report The FSQCall-Mo group continues digital operations. Stations involved: K0ØG KGØL KØVET KDØCNC WCØWB NØSAX KAØOTL KBØEMB WAØBER. The concept of using the fsqcall program at 1500 Hz for setting up traffic between stations and fldigi NBEMS traffic at 700 Hz on the waterfall has been performing well, using the same operating frequency. This month the net has been working again with CSV files. The creation of a manifest with fictitious names and other pertinent information, with the scenario of transporting displaced persons from the NMSZ to mass scale staging areas. Stations are testing Open Office, Libre and Excel for compatibility. Testing is ongoing to determine the best digital modes to use for a manifest with compression and using the ARQ mode for 100% copy.

Jackson – Participated in ARRL SET.

District C:
St. Chcarles Co. – Great SET this year with St. Charles County ARES and RRT together learning about infrastructure support tools. Not high hours but good exercise.

District E:
Dist E ARES Net, Sess-8, QNI-34, QTC-1, Dur-54 m

District G:
Carter County – Dale Robinson has resign his EC position as of Nov 1st.

Oregon County – EC Nick Catrow is in the process of upgrading his license and looking for help in installing HF antenna. Nick is also working on growing membership.

Below is the report of activity for the month of October for the Missouri Section with 59 of 79 ECs and DECs reporting:

# Counties 13 16 12 18 13 13 9 15 6 115
# Reporting 6 6 6 13 7 6 5 1 0 50
# Members 227 113 292 290 36 106 46 120 128 1358
Plus / Minus 15 0 -8 31 0 1 -6 0 0 33
# Training Drills 45 23 37 91 16 40 12 4 0 268 2841
Hours 609 82.24 562 699 42 374.5 89.5 8 0 2466.24 23223.94
# Public Svc 0 5 4 30 1 0 1 1 0 42 275
Hours 0 70 169 535 0.5 0 23 30 0 827.5 5092
# Emer Ops 1 0 0 3 0 0 0 0 0 4 118
Hours 7 0 0 33 0 0 0 0 0 40 1314.5
# Total Ops 46 28 41 124 17 40 13 5 0 314 3234
Total Hours 616 152.2 731 1267 42.5 374.5 112.5 38 0 3333.74 29630.44


73 to all and I hope you have a great Thanksgiving Holiday,

Jeff Young, KB3HF