Missouri Section Activity Report – September 2016

September reports are in from around the Section and activity continues at a high level. Thanks to all of the ARES® members who have supported the various served agencies and their programs. Membership remains at a relatively constant level. We still need ECs in a number of counties in Missouri, so if you are interested in serving as an EC, contact your District Emergency Coordinator.

District News:

District A – Mike Bellinger K0UAA DEC

Carroll Co. – ARES members participated in five regular regional nets during September including the MESN, and KCHEART Nets. The EC attended the MARC Northern District Health Care Emergency Planning Committee meeting at Fitzgibbon Hospital on September 8. The EC attended a one day class “Workshop in Emergency Management – Amateur Radio Resources” [G 251] on September 16. The class was provided by SEMA and presented at the Region H Training Center in St. Joseph. The EC and AEC participated in the H.E.A.R. Task Force meeting on September 23. That group is charged with collecting information on how this radio system is utilized by hospitals and ambulances, particularly in the non-metro areas of District A. Emphasis will be focused on how the radios are currently programmed and on the policies of use. Carroll County ARES continued work at Carroll County Memorial Hospital with construction of antenna support structures. Carroll County ARES assisted with UIView software and re-installation instructions for Fitzgibbon Hospital personnel in Saline County. This package is needed to support KCHEART Net operations and will be used during the upcoming 2016 MECC SET scheduled for on October 1.

Cass Co. – Cass County ARES held an exercise on the 10th in which storm spotting sites on the eastern side of the county were checked out and communications from those sites were checked on the primary repeater as well as the back up repeater. The EC attended a seminar in St Joseph on Amateur Radio Resources for Emergency Managers.

Northland – 11.September was a busy time for ARES in the north-land. SET preparation took on a life when the Planning team divulged that three EOC facilities would be active. The established Clay & Platte County EOC facilities with the addition of the Platte County Resource Center as a hub for digital operations would be in play. With a new tower, VHF/UHF antennas in place at the Platte County Resource Center, a team went to work testing the equipment , determining placement for best operation, etc. The concept to have EOC’s ready to handle voice & digital traffic to ARES groups within the Metro region as well as to SEMA, Rolla, Kansas RACES all worked well. The pre – SET work paid off, although not without some Murphy issues the event was deemed a success. The results will be reviewed is follow-up AAR meetings to determine the strengths and areas where improvement is needed.

Digital Operation report from Jeff ka0otl:
To: FSQCall-MO members
This years SET exercise, an extension of the New Madrid Seismic Zone NLE, is now complete. I wish to thank Joe, (NCS-K0OG Rolla), Mike (KM0S), and Hank,(KD0BVQ) stationed at  SEMA. This was our first exercise that had actual communications and traffic between the Platte County EOC to SEMA. Another first for the net included participation from Kansas RACES.
The FSQCall roster of check ins:
Please advise if anyone was left out.
Jeff Libby

District D – Cecil Higgins, AC0HA DEC

District D has had a busy month working on ARES training, getting ready for the Taney County SET exercise and lots of bike rides.

District G – Ron Tost K0RGT DEC

Carter County: 2 ARES members attended the Region G Coordinator’s meeting.

Douglas County: Tabletop exercise in Cabool, Safety Fair Ava, 5 ARES members attended the Region G Coordinator’s meeting.

Ozark County: Got new antenna back on water tower better coverage getting more checkin’s. DEC Ron and ADEC Harold had a short meeting with EC’s Bill (Douglas), Dale
(Carter), AED Kent (Douglas) OES Teresa and handed out other information and talked with other ARES members and ham radio operators.

The following is the activity report for the Section with 66 out of 78 ECs and DECs reporting:

# Counties 13 16 12 18 13 13 9 15 6 115
# Reporting 7 6 7 13 7 6 5 2 4 57
# Members 212 113 300 259 36 105 52 12 128 1217
Plus / Minus -1 0 -2 -2 1 0 -6 -20 0 -30
# Training Drills 39 23 28 98 12 42 16 4 1 263 2573
Hours 365 63.52 487 803 75 432 126.3 8 12 2371.82 20757.7
# Public Svc 0 1 3 14 0 1 2 1 0 22 233
Hours 0 5 247 633 0 6 30 10 0 931 4264.5
# Emer Ops 0 0 0 5 0 0 0 0 0 5 114
Hours 0 0 0 27 0 0 0 0 0 27 1274.5
# Total Ops 39 24 31 117 12 43 18 5 1 290 2920
Total Hours 365 68.52 734 1463 75 438 156.3 18 12 3329.82 26296.7


Jeff Young, KB3HF

Missouri Section EC