Missouri Section – Activity Report for August 2016

I hope everyone has had a geat summer ths year. With Labor Day now behind us, the seasons are about to change. Check your Grab & Go kits for the appropriate seasonal changes so your are ready to go when activated. October is fast approaching and is the official month for the ARRL Simulated Emergency Test. Hopefully your group has been planning an exercise. Don’t forget to file a report with the ARRL when your exercise is completed. Activity continued strong in August with 2,975 hours volunteered in many forms. We are just short of 23,000 hours for the year to date. The hours show that Missouri ARES is dedicated to assisting the public and served agencies and continues to train for excellence in communications.


District News:

District A:

ARES members from Carroll, Pettis, Johnson, Henry, Benton, Cass, Clay and Jackson participated in the Show-Me Exercise the week of 22 August.

Carroll  Co.-  ARES members participated in six regular regional nets during July including the MESN, DHSS and KCHEART Nets. Carroll County ARES provided support to Carroll County Memorial Hospital during the National Mass Care Exercise on August 23 – 24. In addition to two special ham nets, we participated in testing of the MOSWIN radio system and served as net control for testing the H.E.A.R. (Hospital Emergency and Administrative Radio) System involving the Non-Metro Hospitals in Region A.

Cass Co. – Three Cass ARES members participated in the National Level Exercise for Mass Care on August 24th

Jackson Co. – Thirteen Jackson County ARES members along with other event volunteer  hams staffed the Evacuee Reception Center, Volunteer Reception Center, two complex shelters, a point of distribution, evacuee bus transport operation and EOCs in both Independence and Kansas City, the location of the Multi-Agency Coordination Center and the American Red Cross office. Planning for ARRL SET Oct. 1 continues.

Johnson Co. –  Members participated in the Show-Me Exercise in Sedalia, mainly communications from the command trailer to each check point, logistics, pets, medical and others. Also ran a special health care net in conjunction with the exercise for health departments & hospitals: eight checked in on VHF and a few on HF.

Northland (Platte and Clay)  WIN for KC Triathlon : The event was based at at Sailboat Cove where over 800 participants in addition to support staff, guests, and observers  filled the area. The Clay County Mobile Command unit was headquarters for ARES members that provided communications for the event. Friday evening the command unit staff setup the CCMIC and conducted communication tests confirmed area coverage on UHF & VHF frequencies. Saturday morning pre-dawn operation with a total of 12 members covering the event. The event went well with only a few minor medical calls and mechanical problems reported. The communications was consistent with only a few areas that presented problems due to terrain.

NLE: Mass Care Event AAR

The FSQCall-MO HF digital group participated in the District A National Level Exercise Mass Care Evacuation  August 24. Operating frequency of 3598usb with eight (8) pieces of traffic handled. Above information sent digitally ICS-309 to net control station via Independence 147.090 repeater. KGØL relayed one MESN HF voice traffic directed to KØOG, transcribed to digital, using Flmsg/ARQ. This demonstrated moving traffic through diverse cross channels/modes.

The following stations were logged into the net.

KØOG Phelps County acting on behalf of EOC

NØXG Sedalia

KØKEX  Edgerton acting on behalf of Clay County EOC

WAØBER SEMA Jefferson City

KA2FNK  Kansas City

KGØL Rolla

WØKAH St. Peters, MO

WD6BGN Clark, MO

KAØOTL Lake Waukomis, MO acting on behalf of Platte Co EOC

The net exercise began operations at 8:00AM and terminated at 11:03AM.

District G:

New OES was appointed for Region G, Teresa Tost. The following attended the Emergency Respite Exercise in Houston for 5 hours: Teresa Tost, Dale Robinson, Bob Jones, Dale Garrison, Sheila Garrison, Bill Knapp, Willy Adey, Donna Clark, Mike Moore.

 Ozark County: Got new antenna back on water tower lot better coverage and getting a lot more checking into the net.

Douglas County: Radar class was held in Ava and ARES® Members attending: Bill Knapp, Ron Tost, Teresa Tost, Kent Respress, Doug Degase, Dale Garrison, Paul Hillhouse, Jan Hillhouse

Carter County: New EC Dale Robinson was appointed due to the death of Bob Foard. We held a Celebration of Life in Memory of Bob at our club meeting

District I:

Phelps Co. – We have continued daily practice with the HF FSQcall-MO net.  We participated in the 24 August 2016 earthquake mass-care exercise.  During that exercise, two of us in Phelps County manned stations and handled several in-going and out-going messages with the Missouri State Emergency Management Agency using digital modes on 80m in the FSQcall-MO net, and using voice on 75m.  The exercise officially ran from 8:00 AM until 11:00 AM.  In the several days prior to the exercise, I served as a consultant with SEMA to help them set up, learn how to operate, and practice handling traffic through the HF FSQcall-MO net using Fldigi/Flmsg (the NBEMS suite of programs).  The end result was that the exercise was considered by SEMA and the other organizers (primarily at mass-care facilities and agencies in the Kansas City area) to be quite successful.  It was a good learning experience for those who had little prior experience handling formal traffic (ICS-213 and MO WEBEOC Resource Request forms) using robust ARQ digital modes, as well as handling informal organizational traffic, coordination, and net check-ins using FSQcall.

The following are the activities and hours reported for August 2016.

That for all of the hard work and efforts to support ARES.


Jeff KB3HF


# Counties 13 16 12 18 13 13 9 15 6 115
# Reporting 6 6 4 13 6 6 5 0 4 50
# Members 220 113 302 261 35 105 58 32 128 1254
Plus / Minus -15 6 3 4 18 0 -1 0 0 15
# Training Drills 47 26 33 133 11 50 15 0 11 326 2310
Hours 726 84.15 507 778 11.75 346.3 204.5 0 50 2707.65 18385.88
# Public Svc 1 2 0 16 0 0 0 0 0 19 211
Hours 95 2 0 130 0 0 0 0 0 227 3333.5
# Emer Ops 1 0 0 8 1 0 0 0 0 10 109
Hours 18 0 0 22 1 0 0 0 0 41 1247.5
# Total Ops 49 28 33 157 12 50 15 0 11 355 2630
Total Hours 839 86.15 507 930 12.75 346.3 204.5 0 50 2975.65 22966.88