Assistant Section Emergency Coordinator News

Dennis Gedeon, KB0NHW, notified me that he is resigning his position as ASEC for the Missouri Section, effective July 31st. Dennis recently retired from FEMA and is now planning to move to Idaho for his retirement. Dennis served many years as SEC and ASEC for the Missouri Section. I appreciate the assistance that Dennis provided handling the leadership appointments with the ARRL office. I wish Dennis a great retirement, although I hope he likes cold weather as he told me he will be 30 miles from the Canadian Border. Good luck, Dennis.

I am pleased to announce that Cecil Higgins, AC0HA is replacing Dennis as ASEC. Cecil has agreed to accept the position and the appointment is effective as of the 7th of August. Cecil has been a longtime member of ARES and is currently serving as DEC for District D. Cecil has been involved in a number of large scale emergencies and is well suited for the position. Please continue to support Cecil in his additional position as ASEC for the Missouri Section.

Jeff KB3HF

Missouri Section EC